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I called David for a preliminary consult on our business structure and tax strategy. I found him extremely helpful, intelligent and was able to break down our next steps succinctly. Above all, it was simply a pleasure speaking with him and he's certainly won our business. - Azreen L., www.quickschools.com
Mr. Herzog gave me some great counsel via e-mail and phone time. I am a small business owner in SF and needed some clear, cogent advise for an upcoming real estate review. While our time was limited, he dove straight into the issues and helped me sort out the fact from fiction, the current law from folk wisdom. He provided me with the confidence of my position, and things went smoothly after that. Thanks David and I would gladly work with you again! - Peter W., San Francisco, CA
Here's what David did for us:
1) Debunked all the false advice we have heard.
2) Gave us all the explanation we needed, and then some, even when we didn't ask.
3) Broke down many, various scenarios we may find ourselves in within the next year of our business. This helped to forecast solutions to potential problems in the near future.
4) Didn't hesitate to give straight answers to complex questions.
5) Made us laugh.
- Shawn C., San Francisco, CA
I had a barrage of questions, all of which David competently advised me on, from what I can tell. They involved W2s, W9s, 1099s, LLC protection and benefits, DMCA, getting taxed as an S-corp, paying yourself in a single member LLC, dealing with accounting, and various strategies related to running a single member LLC. I got thorough answers to everything. Thank you, David, so far contacting you was probably the best advice I gave myself this year. - Artem R., San Francisco, CA
David is absolutely top notch! As an attorney myself, I very much appreciate the expertise and efficiency that David brings to the table. David helped me with the SEC compliance work for a private offering we were making on a film project. He was fast and efficient. I would refer anyone to David.
- Erik Newton, Heath-Newton, San Francisco, CA
Here is a man with integrity and honesty, and qualities like this are what you definitely want when trusting someone to represent your very best interests. I will recommend David Herzog to anyone requiring legal advice on tax-related issues. Thank you, David. Your referral seems to be working out well and I deeply appreciate your help.
- John G., San Mateo, CA
David has been a strong advocate and resource for our business. During a terrible economy our business has made significant progress and we could not have done it without David's strong advice, rapid turnaround on important initiatives and valuable business advice and support. He is a superb attorney and a valuable part of our team.
- Casey Ryan, Tickermine
He comes across as an ethical and trustworthy professional. I needed a consultation and advise on a possible short sale transaction. I felt educated but not patronized. He was very helpful and even suggested that it wasn't necessary for me to hire him but an enrolled agent was really what I needed with less the cost.
- T.T., Mountain View, CA
If you are serious about your business, serious about your bottom line, serious about protecting yourself, then you better get serious about who you hire and/or represents you. David is the missing link. You guys can be sure to see me in his office as our business grows - possibly even sharing a few laughs together. Thanks a bunch, David. You the Man.
- Shawn C., San Francisco, CA
In spite of the fact that he became involved in the middle, he got quickly up to speed, and has significantly contributed to what looks likely to be a good mutually beneficial result among the parities. I would certainly recommend David to anyone needing quality advice or representation.
- Sid J.
During the consultation, he was very knowledgeable of current federal acts. He was also very thorough and reviewed the situation with me in multiple ways to ensure I understood the implications from various possible scenarios. Based on this positive experience, I would not only call on him again but I would also recommend him to anyone in need of tax or real estate legal help. - Khai N., San Francisco
David was prompt, available and very helpful to me. He ended up referring me to a local specialist, but I was very pleased with his knowledge and professionalism. I'd recommend him. - April A, Berkeley, CA
Compared with other lawyers I dealt with, David does not have the "lawyer" attitude :-)
More importantly, you can trust him to represent your very best interests. I will recommend David Herzog to anyone requiring legal advice on tax-related issues. - LL I., Morgan Hill, CA
My start-up would not be the success it is today had it not been for David's excellent business advice on accounting matters, business structure set-up, tax advice, trademark search and general business advice. - Molly Z., Slow Girl Foods, Oakland, CA
I am incredibly impressed with your turnaround time, your prioritization of my issues, and quality of work. All are absolute top notch. - Heather Mason, A Caspian Production Inc.
I called David for some tax questions and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. I like the fact that he didn't try to sell me unnecessary legal services and he answered all of my questions in his initial consultation. - John H., Foster City, CA
I am now confident in what I need to do to deal with the IRS and didn't have to waste time or money. What a fabulous service and a great guy of high integrity. If I need this kind of service in the future he will be the first person I call. - Lori M., San Francisco, CA
I found him to personable and straightforward. His recommendation will allow me to take a very practical less expensive approach to addressing this issue. David, thanks for your advice. - Stephen L., San Francisco, CA
It was immediately obvious to me that he is a very well versed and experienced attorney. He was able to quickly and efficiently outline for me various options and ways I could proceed. All of this occurred during our initial conversation. If you have a legal question, I would give David a call. - Sara T., San Francisco, CA
I called David yesterday and wow I was so impressed. He was so kind, patient and informative. I am a single mom who is trying to set up a business to take care of my son and I. And boy was David helpful! - Yen A., Dublin CA
From asset protection to tax benefits to legal issues to all sort of different strategies and advice that can be utilized to maximize your investments, David can do it all - and he does it very well. He is a very, very sharp dude. - Shawn C., San Francisco, CA
He gave me his best thoughts, was candid in his assessment. He was honest in what he knew and also in the areas that were outside his expertise. Thanks David! Much appreciated. - Sunil M. San Francisco, CA
He put a lot of effort into understanding my issue, and gave me many perspectives on resolving the issue. I like "right answers" and I feel like he provided these for me. I will keep David's number by my desk as a top choice to call when I need legal services. - John H., Foster City, CA
He provided me with a number of self-help solutions first and suggested I follow-up with him if I still need assistance. A quick phone call that didn't waste my time and got me facing the right direction and with solutions in hand. - J.T., San Francisco, CA
In two minutes of phone conversation, David outlined what applied to me and clarified the process to my understanding. If you are looking for a tax lawyer, David is the one! He will walk you through the process with patience and knowledge! - Yen A., Dublin CA
David took the time to really understand my concerns at hand and gave me some sound advice. Today's conversation was surrounding taxes, but now that I've had this great experience, my next dealings with David will be around real estate investments. - L.L., Folsom, CA
David was great in assisting me and my partner with our upcoming apartment building purchase; specifically issues relating to RDP's and property ownership. Highly recommended!! - Ian H. - San Francisco, CA



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